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May 30, 2014
Well its beeb a long time since I updated the website and I must admit I haven't had the urge to do anything Steamy in quite a while.Well that has now changed after a couple of outings that I have attended in recent weeks. The first was the excellent Wales Comic Con in Wrexham (my home town) I thought that it would be rude not to attend and I really must admit I got such a buzz out of the reception we got from both the general public as well as the celebreties, some of who actually asked to have their pictures taken with us :)

Well onto our next outing, the visit to the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza. Well it was a very busy weekend with thousands of people attending the two day event. With a large fair, a parade around the the town and along the sea front and also a wonderful vintage vegicle show, which always has great things to see as well as lots and lots of stalls selling all types of "treasure"

It was a really great weekend with mother nature being kind wih wonderful weather. It has revitalised me and I am really looking forward to seeing many more of our members over the summer months.

I would like to also welcome all of our new members to the Corps, and please send me your photos and stories so I can add these to the site, Email -


The Asylum 2013

September 17, 2013
Greetings one and all,

Well what can I say, another September arrives and its the fifth Asylum in the fair City of Lincoln. After spending the week preceding the event with every spare moment checking the weather forecast, the Friday arrived and it was time to depart from our moorings in North Wales. With Lt. Thomas Tom, our trusty navigator, guiding the way we were soon battling our way against the many muggles you see on such journeys and without incident the HMD Empress found her moorings a...
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RDC on Patrol

June 3, 2013
Well hello my fellow RDC members. It has been a while since my last post, however things have been moving along nicely with a few events being organized and attended.

In the May bank holiday weekend we saw the first full on visit to the Llandudno Victorian extravaganza. We rented a group of wonderful cottages on the outskirts of Conway which we used as our base of operations for the weekend.

Llandudno, is a beautiful Victorian seaside town, with many wonderful period buildings. We all looked sp...
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A lot of updates

February 19, 2013
Well I have been tardy in my reports. Since the last post a lot has happened.
The annual visit to Lincoln Steam rally, was attended by several members of the RDC, along with many new friends. It was great to see all of the steam engines in motion. It has been a long time since I have visited a steam rally and I really enjoyed seeing these wonderful machines and to breath deeply in the wonderful smell of steam and hot oil. The steam fun fair, powered and lit by the fairground engines.

The Asyl...
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Claymills and Black Country Museum

September 4, 2012
Hello one and all,

Well another fun weekend of camping and visits to some brilliant places, namely the wonderful Black country living Museum in Dudley in the West Midlands. The Museum boasts an electric trolley bus, trams, canal boats, a vintage fun fair and a small village setup with a wonderful gentleman's  outfitters, where yours truly bought a wonderful night shirt (which was brilliant to wear for bed that evening)

(Above - Bringing the picnic to the Tram shed. A great view of the  vintage ...
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Erddig Victorian Weekend 1884

August 6, 2012

Yes I know two posts in as many minutes, but yes as I have another post to talk about, namely the wonderful annual Victorian weekend at Erddig hall in Wrexham.

The HMD Empress was the host for the weekend with a high point of 20 people staying and eating over the weekend.

Erddig Hall is such a wonderful place with lots of nooks and crannies and into one of these was placed Professor Oxley and the Palace of Curiosities with the stunning Marcus island mermaid which as you can see was thri...
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Satanic Mills 2 -Queen Street Mill Burnley

August 6, 2012
Hello one and all,

It has been a while since my last post, but things have been a little hectic in my real life. Anyhow firstly I would like to talk about the brilliant visit to the Queens Street Mill in Burnley, the home of the wonderful steam engine peace, which powers one of the last textile mills in the UK. The mill was also featured in the film the Kings Speech.

We were blessed with reasonable weather and were able to have one of our fabulous picnics.

(Above a wonderful shot of the remaini...
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The Diamond Jubilee weekend

June 25, 2012
Greetings my dear friends.
Well it has been a while since the last entry as The HMD Empress has been on a good will tour of Orlando in Florida, which was fantastic fun. (we will be going again to enjoy the hospitality of Mr M Mouse and his many friends)

On our return we were invited to spend a fun packed weekend with the crew of the HMD Wallenstiein, over in  the wild reaches of Yorkshire (Harrogate). The first evening was spent at the wonderful Madam Jo Jo's

Where it was great to catch up wit...
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Leeds Steampunk Market March 1883

March 12, 2012
Hello my Fellow RDC members,

Well after a brief visit to the city of Leeds, for the second Steampunk Market, situated in the wonderful surroundings of the west bank near Hedingley. The RDC was asked to attend and to put on a fabulous exhibition of the temporal mind reading device and the fine exhibit of the fine art of Picnicing. The ladies of the RDC Medical detachment were on hand with emergency tea, which was very, welcome.

(Below - Now thats what I call a picnic)

Many of the RDC in the UK we...
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Showzam - Blackpool 1883

February 18, 2012
Hello on and all,

Another addition to the blog with another report of a wonderful time had by members of the RDC. We were invited to attend Showzam (A showman/carnival) which is put on each year by Balckpool council to celebrate the rich entertainment heritage of Blackpool. The Saturday afternoon was taken up by a visit to the Winter Gardens complex, to enjoy various side shows, from "Come see the Man eating fish" to the "Headless woman" There was also a magic show and circus performance and a...
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