Well hello my fellow RDC members. It has been a while since my last post, however things have been moving along nicely with a few events being organized and attended.

In the May bank holiday weekend we saw the first full on visit to the Llandudno Victorian extravaganza. We rented a group of wonderful cottages on the outskirts of Conway which we used as our base of operations for the weekend.

Llandudno, is a beautiful Victorian seaside town, with many wonderful period buildings. We all looked splendid with many members wearing their RDC uniforms and they all looked splendid.

On the Sunday the group split with some returning to llandudno and others (the family Foss included) went down the coast to Caernarfon, where we went to the Castle and visited the Royal Welsh Fusiliers museum. I also had a bit of fun with a canon :)

For many of our band, we descended onto the unsuspected town of Conway, where many heads were turned as member promenaded along the quay and finishing off with cups of tea in the cafe overlooking the quayside.

A few weeks later, on Saturday June 1st, the RDC was invited to attend the first Steampunk Market to be held at the Queen Street Mill in Burnley. We have attended the mill (as visitors) over the last couple of year, haveing been blessed by wonderful weather which enabled us to have some great picnics in the mills grounds.
This time however we were invited to attend, not as paying guests but as exhibitors. I was unsure what kind of exhibits that we could show, after a few enquiries about the whereabouts of previous items used on displays, I was unfortunately unable to get any of them so had to try to create a display out of what was to hand. Luckily for me I have a lot of stuff (more than I really thought I had) and with the help of Mr Wesley Perriman  I was able get things together to create an exhibit and I must admit looked reasonably good.

I would love to do another exhibition, so if anyone knows where there is exhibition space (cheap or better still free) please let me know.
The only problem for me with exhibiting was that I did not have time to spend with other members, but on the bright side I did get to sample some cake!

Well I wonder what delights will entertain us in the coming months? Who knows? until next time

Col Foss signing off :)