The Royal Dirigible Corps

Quartermasters Store

 This is the place to buy your RDC items. As more items become available they will be put up here for purchase :-

 RDC (Cloth) Shoulder titles x 2

£7.00 (Inc. UK postage)

 Brass RDC collar badges x 2

£6.50 (inc. UK postage)

RDC Cloth Wings.

(As seen on the picture below right)

£2.00 inc postage

RDC - Cloth Badge (Large)

Glengarry Embroidered badge.


(Does not include Glengarry)

If you wish to purchase any item please contact :

Exclusive Royal Dirigible Corps Dress Fezes
£25 (plus postage *) 
These are made to order. If you wish to purchase one, then please measure around your head (at the height that you would wear the Fez)

 * - Postage costs are :-

UK £2.00 , Europe £3.00 The rest of the World £4.00

(This is untracked - Tracked is £7.50 for Europe and £9.50 for the rest of the World)

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