Hello on and all,

Another addition to the blog with another report of a wonderful time had by members of the RDC. We were invited to attend Showzam (A showman/carnival) which is put on each year by Balckpool council to celebrate the rich entertainment heritage of Blackpool. The Saturday afternoon was taken up by a visit to the Winter Gardens complex, to enjoy various side shows, from "Come see the Man eating fish" to the "Headless woman" There was also a magic show and circus performance and all for free.

Later that evening we arrived at the Blackpool tower ballroom for the Showzam Carnival Ball where, in the most wonderful surroundings, we were entertained by various acts, from a live swing band, circus performers and burlesque dancers. All in all it was a truely wonderful evening an it was great to hear the comments from the other revellers on how wonderful we all looked, especially with the officers being in their RDC Blacks with the newly aquired fezzes. The ladies all looked splendid and it was an honour to be in their company.