Hello my Fellow RDC members,

Well after a brief visit to the city of Leeds, for the second Steampunk Market, situated in the wonderful surroundings of the west bank near Hedingley. The RDC was asked to attend and to put on a fabulous exhibition of the temporal mind reading device and the fine exhibit of the fine art of Picnicing. The ladies of the RDC Medical detachment were on hand with emergency tea, which was very, welcome.

(Below - Now thats what I call a picnic)

Many of the RDC in the UK were in attendance all looking splendid in their attire, below you can see some of the RDC ladies in their attire.

All in all a jolly fine day was had, with many new friends being met and hopefully a few more recruits to the Corps.

I am looking forward greatly to our next get together.

God Save the Queen