The Royal Dirigible Corps

 Most Wanted. (The Parade of Infamy)

Below you will find some of the characters, who's presence is making the skylanes unsafe for commercial Dirigibles. These "Pirates" are to be engaged when ever encountered.

No.1 (Ex Captain) Polly Sykes 

(Above) Ex Captain Polly Sykes.

Ex Captain Polly Sykes, formerly Captain of the HMD Wallenstein, is wanted for the crimes of sedition and mutiny. She and her confederates attempted to take control of an India class destroyer (by an illegal 'Vote') and try to turn the rest of the fleet against her majesty and turn to piracy. Her whereabouts are unknown as she was able to make her escape when the HMD Wallenstein was boarded by members of the RDC Marines, who on the 30th of January 1883 carried out a daring dawn raid catching the entire crew unawares.

All stations are on high alert and her capture has become a priority.

No.2 Elizabeth Meinham (AKA - Lizzie Mayhem)  & Bloody Harry

(Above) A rare photograph taken of Lizzie Mayhem, taken in a bar in Tortuga in the North of Hispaniola. The photographer was lucky to escape with his life.

Elizabeth Meinham (A.K.A. Lizzie Mayhem) is the Captain of the Airship Persephone, a Centurian class vessel stolen from the Royal Canadian Air Service. Ms. Mayhem has in recent years become a formidible presence in and around the Americas, accounting for some 150 reported pirate attacks on both air and maritime shipping. It is believed that she is based somewhere in the Caribbean, but has ranged as far as Argentina and the California Territories. While her deprivations have been mostly against the United States and the Confederate States, she has also preyed upon the Spanish, French and British Empires' shipping that enter her hunting grounds. Believed to be a native of New York, it is clear that Lizzie was an Aviator and perhaps an Engineer before taking to the skyways as a pirate. Mad Lizzie is known to give quarter when asked, but takes a perverse pleasure in holing captured airships hulls in such a manner that they -just barely- have enough gas left to splash down within sight of land. On one occasion it was reported that while attending a dinner soire in Port-au- Prince, Mme. Mayhem held the governor hostage with a fish- fork while Harry descended with Persephone and looted the mint and the Governors' Mansion. Lizzie favors a raygun and cutlass in close combat (when not brandishing flatware), and is known to utter the foulest of oaths to imbalance her opponents. She is also known to have a great appetite for oysters and champagne, and is partial to bubble-baths.

Her Lieutenant Bloody Harry is a more enigmatic figure. It is believed that he is a former member of the Royal Air Corps, and it is rumored that he is a Gentleman. A ruthless Skywayman, Harry earned his moniker for an incident where he slaughtered the entire crew of a C.S.A. merchant vessel and hung their decapitated bodies in chains from its gas-bag, painting the sides of the vessel red with their gore, and floated it out over Savannah. (It should be noted that the vessel in question was rumored to be trading in black- ivory.) Little more is known of Harry, save that he has one eye missing, and it has been reported that he has a curious taste for eel- pies and peaty Scotch whisky.


No.3  Captain Bellows

(Above) Here we have a rare photograph of Capt. Bellows posing as a Buyer for  the South African Diamond congromerate  Van dellt. (Based in Cape Town) It was taken shortly before he and his crew stole the Dirigible Concorde from the French Airship works  on the outskirts of Paris, where it was undergoing trials before being delivered to the French Military.

Mr George Bellows, only survior of the British Naval Dirigible "Invictus" & now gunnery master of the "Independent" dirigible "Windfall" (Formally known as the Concorde) is wanted for questioning by French authorities regarding a spate of mysterious explosions in Paris two years ago. Witnesses report seeing Mr Bellows running about the warehouse district in Paris in seemingly high spirits in the early hours shouting "This will show the buggers" & tossing small metallic spheres into buildings which a short time later exploded causing considerable damage to property. Mr Bellows escaped along with the rest of the crew aboard the Windfall before the Gendarmes could mobilise.
A week later the crew of the Windfall including Mr Bellows accosted & beat savagly an unnamed Arab gentleman in Cairo, Egypt & are understood to have made off with a number of the Arabs possessions.
The last sighting of Mr Bellows, or indeed any of the crew of the Windfall was bizarrely in the Chinese Emporers Imperial Palace in Beijing, China during the state wedding of the Emporers daughter where they were apparantly named as representatives of Her Majesties government for the duration of the wedding !!! ( rumors abounded afterwards of the crew "procuring" large amounts of Opium in the seedier parts of Beijing).


 No.4. Calliope Marie Grant

  Known aliases include: Cal Jackdaw or ‘The Black Arrow’

  Wanted Alive by the AAF (American Æronautic Forces) for Questioning for crimes including:
  Aiding and abetting acts of Piracy
  Aiding and abetting the smuggling of contraband substances
  Murder and attempted murder
  3 Cases of Armed Robbery
  15 cases of causing grievous bodily harm
  13 cases of assault on members of the ÆPD
  5 cases of Theft and larceny
  Hijacking a military Airship
  3 cases of Falsifying documents and Forgery
  Impersonation of an Officer of the AÆF
  Impersonation of a member of the High Court
  Impersonation of a member of the Royal Dirigible Corps
  Indecent Exposure
  2 cases of Resisting arrest

  Usually in the company of Katarina Louise Grant.  AKA: Kath Jackdaw, Dusty or Miss Pansy May Mackenzie.
  It is believed Ms. Calliope Grant suffers from short sightedness in one eye from a previous injury.       Recognisable features include (occasional) eye patch over left eye, a scar on her upper left thigh and a  tattoo reading ‘Lousiel’ on her left shoulder.  She is regularly reported in areas where gambling is prevalent  and noted for her love of dangerous enterprise. It is believed that she was recently separated from her  sister during her last encounter with the AÆF and may be looking for her off the south coast of England. Currently in possession of a modified proto type S.E5b Jackdaw Æir craft. The craft should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. 

It is believed that Ms. Grant is currently operating in British skies as a mercenary outflyer, scout or security escort. She is not known to stay under any particular employment for long. Previous employers include:

AÆFS Gladiolus (decommissioned)
AÆFS Aconite (decommissioned)
The Bittersweet (All Souls Lost)
The Æthiopica (At Large)
The Mourning Bride (At Large)

She was last spotted by a now missing AÆF recon craft flying over Iceland:
Lat    = 63 degrees,   42.3 minutes   North
Long = 20 degrees,   2.3 minutes   West

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