The Royal Dirigible Corps


The ground uniform

Can be seen in the usual traditional Khaki however black is also acceptable for individual crew identification. In European/Temperate zones the usual head wear is either the Forage or Peaked cap. Both the enlisted man and the officers would be expected to wear a suitable firearm of either the Slug thrower or the Ray gun variety. The officer should be equipped with the Sam brown belt where as the enlisted man would wear the standard brown leather belt.

In tropical zones, the uniform can vary from the standard tropical light weight uniform made from either linen or cotton from the colonies. Again colour can vary from dirigible to dirigible but the standard colour will be the light Khaki sand colour of the infantry in these regions. Head wear would normally be the Pith helmet or the forage cap.

The Air Uniform.

All aircrews know that the higher up one gets the colder it becomes. To this end the aircrew must protect themselves from the cold. The standard uniform is supplemented by strong heavy greatcoats (as used by the infantry in winter) or the heavy leather coat with the sheepskin collar. All aboard the craft would wear the safety harness made from stout leather and brass "D" clips for attaching to the gondola. Headwear would be the leather/fur lined flying helmet usually with the private purchase long scarf also a stout pair of goggles would also be required for use in the air.

At extreme altitude the air thins and the crew would have to use the respirator pump, which consists of the clockwork backpack with the two air pumps pumping air into the full face mask.

(ABOVE) Royal Dirigible Corps Pilots wings 

(Above) RDC crews guarding the Empires surface fleet.  (note the crew wearing warm leather -blanket lined coats even at this low level.)

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