The Royal Dirigible Corps

About Us - What we are and why we are doing this!

What is Steampunk?

Some will say that Steampunk is Victorian Science fiction, the age where the technological revolution happened not in the 20th Century but in the 19th, with lighter than airships common as well as space faring vessels plying their trade between Earth and Mars. The age where ray guns, jet packs plasma generators and steam turbines are seen on a daily basis. Fantastical creatures such as Vampires and ghosts are uncommon (But are occasionally found) . Steampunk means different things to different people. For some it’s a way of life, to me its fun. 

To me the fun is the way that I spend time with like minded people. All smartly dressed and showing impeccable manners and having a love of everything steampowered as well as the love of Tea and cake.

This site is a bit of fun and has been designed for like minded people who want to join together and be something a little different.

What is the RDC?

In the UK the Steampunk community has a huge diversity, especially in the costuming and characterization front.

We have Gentlemen and Ladies, Military types (from all branches of Her Majesties Empire as well Imperial German (Prussian/Bavians)   Medical characters, the occasional mad scientist, Vampire hunters as well as Adventurer/privateer types. Oh yes and the Airship Pirates. (Loads and loads of Airship Pirates) all are present.

For those people who want to be aviators and not just pirates we have formed the RDC to give a focus and a home so we can get together dress smartly taunt the pirate! Huzzah!!


The General Appearance of a member of the RDC is Khaki green uniforms, Sam Brown belt, personal firearm (Slug thrower or Ray gun)...really any smart outfit that makes the character stand out from the Pirate! Lord Flashart is a great example of how a member of the RDC should look. All uniforms should carry the ROYAL DIRIGIBLE CORPS shoulder title and the brass RDC collar badges.

In the future, as more people join this site will expand with details of future meets and missions against the dreaded Air pirates.


(Above) Lord Flashart Aviator extraordinaire 

(Above) Royal Dirigible Corps Shoulder badge. 

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