Yes I know two posts in as many minutes, but yes as I have another post to talk about, namely the wonderful annual Victorian weekend at Erddig hall in Wrexham.

The HMD Empress was the host for the weekend with a high point of 20 people staying and eating over the weekend.

Erddig Hall is such a wonderful place with lots of nooks and crannies and into one of these was placed Professor Oxley and the Palace of Curiosities with the stunning Marcus island mermaid which as you can see was thrilling the ladies.

Members of the Third Foot and Mouth were camping onsite ( A real honour for a National Trust property) with Bell tents and a large dining shelter. The latter being a blessing as the weather was playing sunshine and rain.. and oh my when it rained it really rained.

Another feature this year was the shoeshine stall being run by the Erddig youth group which I made good use of having my boots cleaned. I think they would make great batman of the future.

On both days we had wonderful picnics, the first was where we took over the marquee, however it was a little confused and it was during the evening meal that we voted Lady Foss to be the Picnic Mistress General (PMG) of the RDC, whose task it is to coordinate the setup of the picnics on all our the RDC outings. Her first assignment was the picnic on the Sunday, which I am sure that everyone who attended enjoyed greatly. Well done Lady Foss.

Thanks to everyone who came it was a brilliant weekend and I am looking forward to seeing many of you on the August bank holiday, where we will be going to The Black country museum and another visit to the wonderful pumping station of Claymills.

Until Next time