Greetings one and all,

Well what can I say, another September arrives and its the fifth Asylum in the fair City of Lincoln. After spending the week preceding the event with every spare moment checking the weather forecast, the Friday arrived and it was time to depart from our moorings in North Wales. With Lt. Thomas Tom, our trusty navigator, guiding the way we were soon battling our way against the many muggles you see on such journeys and without incident the HMD Empress found her moorings and we tied up for the weekend.

The Asylum was originally named because the first event (way back in 2009) was centered on the Lawns complex, which was built in the 19th Century as Britains first purpose built Lunatic Asylum. Over the years the Asylum has grown from one small venue, to an event which covers most of the old part of Lincoln, including the Castle, Assembly rooms and market square. From its humble beginnings of only 350 attendees, this year saw the total attendees (wristband wearing) totaling over 1500! however this total rises even more by the people who didn't purchase wristbands could increase this total to over 2000, this makes the event the biggest gathering of Steampunks in Europe and probably the world.

It was so good to see everyone arriving, both friends old and new. After a bit of retail therepy it was with some joy that we retired to the Licensed premisses to partake in a few of the many ales for sale.

Unfortunately the fine weather was not to last, the rain started and started to put a dampner onto the proceedings. The usual Marquee had not been erected so the pub had to be abandoned and the local Indian restaurant where delicate spices from the tropical sub continent were consumed (Yum Yum)

Saturday is the main day for showing off your uniforms and other finery, and it was the first time the markets were open for customers. I would say that there are many markets around the country where Steampunk items can be bought, however the Asylum has the largest market (split up in three venues) where all manner of goods can be found.

There were also many other activities that could be attended (some requiring Wristbands for entry other were free) all were well attended, we had a gathering of RDC members for our Picnic in the Castle grounds, with much tea and cake (also I think a few drops of red wine were also available :) ) Thanks to all who attended, and for all of you who didn't....... never mind see you next year.

After our repast, it was time to get ready for the Empire ball, so it was off back to the Hotel for a quick pit stop and change, but not before we had our picture taken.

Oh it started so well

and much fun was had

Sunday for the Family Foss is usually getting the purchases and traveling trunks loaded back into the HMD Empress ready for the journey back to North Wales. However we still had time for a visit to the local tea shop to sample the local delicacies.

And so it was with a heavy heart that we said our goodbyes to both our friends and Lincoln for another year. We are already looking forward to the Asylum VI and I do hope you can join us.