Greetings my dear friends.
Well it has been a while since the last entry as The HMD Empress has been on a good will tour of Orlando in Florida, which was fantastic fun. (we will be going again to enjoy the hospitality of Mr M Mouse and his many friends)

On our return we were invited to spend a fun packed weekend with the crew of the HMD Wallenstiein, over in  the wild reaches of Yorkshire (Harrogate). The first evening was spent at the wonderful Madam Jo Jo's

Where it was great to catch up with old friends and have a really good time.

We were very lucky with the weather, the rain stopped just before the festivities began and held off until after the garden party, on the Monday.

The garden party was held in the grounds of the Beesley family, where a fabulous barbecue was held and party games were played including a wonderful Dirigible pinata, made by Lorna Pedley, for the enjoyment of the coglings.

we had a fun time and it was a shame it had to end.
However we did have a bit of a final do in the evening which was great fun. with the final group breaking up on the Tuesday afternoon.

I would also like to welcome to ranks of the RDC the Crew of the HMD Nebucadnezzar, Captain Kevin Cudmore  and 1st Lieutenant  Lady Carolyn Cudmore also HMD Dominion with Lieutenant Gregor Sheaf in command.

Please enjoy your stay.

If you have any information on events that are happening please drop me a line or an event report so I can make sure that everyone can see what great times are being had by the RDC all over the world.

Until next time

Col Foss