The Royal Dirigible Corps

 Zombies, Warewolves and Vampires.

Zombies - First appeared on Earth 5 years after the first humans set foot on Mars. The Zombie infestation has been tracked to the use of the highly addictive Martian Narcotic 'Snoot'

Snoot is taken in a powdered form,usually inhaled in the same way as Earth snuff, or mixed in alcohol and drunk. The effects are similar to that of opium and is used for recreation by the native Martians. It was first given to the British delegation during the first official meeting between the two representatives, as a sign of friendship. However no one knew that the effect would be on the human physiology. The drug was found to be highly addictive and was found to be deadly in higher doses. The first death was registered two months after the initial meeting. Captain Davison, the leader of the Earth delegation, surprised his company by raising from his coffin and tearing out the throat out of his sargeant. The Captain was finally felled by repeated volly fire, causing the head to be severed from the body. The body collapsed but the head was still trying to bite the soldiers.

A few months later as the first soldiers returned to Earth, reports of flesh eating corpses were reported around the London area. The Zombie infection, was finally traced to the use of Snoot and it was made illegal. The general populous has never been told of the connection between snoot and the rise of the Zombies.

There is now a special group of Zombie hunters who have perfected the capturing and destruction of any Zombies they meet, with many keeping the 'live' Zombie heads as trophies.

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