Greetings my fellow members of the of the RDC. Firstly I would like to take the opurtunity of thanking everyone who made it to the photoshoot, you all looked splendid and your pictures are already in the gallery and on the home page.

Well the weekend was a brilliant success with with a brilliant night on Friday in the Victoria pub, having drinkies until silly oclock in the morning. Meeting up with the crew of the HMD Wallenstein was also good fun, with cake and tea taken on the castle lawn. We were blessed by wonderful weather with the Steam gods looking favorably on us, if I had to complain it would be that it was a little hot, especially when wearing layers of wool.

There were many activities, sadly many of these were missed as I was spending so much time having Iconographs taken and having chats with many a fine fellows (especially the world famous Kevin Lockey) and all the wonderful ladies.

The Ladies of the RDC.

The Gents of the RDC

Members of the United Kingdoms RDC.(and what a fine group they are)

A few of our number attended the mass gathering of Steampunks, again outside the front entrance of the Lawns, where we attempted to break the world recored for thenumber of Steampunks in one area record (Currently at 300 ish held by our Colonial friends from Accross the Atlantic)) There were a lot of people there and I do hope we break the record. I am sure we will find out over the next few days.

It was wonderful to see that with over 1000 steampunks in one area, with copious amounts of alcohol being consumed, there were no disturbances and everyone left, refreshed and with smiles on their faces.

Is it bad to look forward to next year so much? I hope not as I am really looking forward to next year.

Until next time