Hello Again,

well it has been a few weeks since my last entry. We have recently recovered from a wonderful weekend in the company of the HMD Wallenstein, who have arranged a wonderful (fake) fete The Fete was opened by Ms Julie Ellis who had the claim to fame of being a contestant in the award winning childrens program we are the champions. With all the usual attractions, namely the Cake, preserves and Tombola. As well as the wonderful attraction of the Peruvian mummies head brought by Mr David Oxley Also thanks must be sent to Adrian Appleyard for a display of weaponry of all sorts. Dr Zacs display of denistry and other mediacal apparatus was quite wonderful to behold (oh the wonders of modern medicince) Entertainment was had in the form of the 78's being played on the gramaphone of Helen Pearce as well as the new game of the Dirigible drive, involving blackboards, dice and lots of shouting.

(Judging of the cake competition)

Much tea and cake were consumed by all and the sound of laughter could be heard everywhere.

After a brief break for refreshments, the gallant crew retired to Mr & Mrs Beesleys for a cocktail party to christen the new patio decking, which has been just recently completed. Many cocktails were consumed, some very tasty and others not so.( Major Woodruff's RDC cocktail was one to be avoided.) Thanks to the Beesleys for a wonderful evening and we are now looking forward to the next one.

Again thank you all for your wonderful company, until our next meetup.

Col Foss

P.S. I have just  been handed copies of the replies from Help For Heroes and St.Amdrews Church after they recieved the monies so well donated by our fine band.