Greetings one and all.
After a great weekend. A great barbecue was had by all on Friday night, followed by several hours of rain. A few of our fellow campers had tentage malfunctions resulting in wet bedding. Saturday didn't look much better with intermitent rain followed by sunny spells.

In the evening we had a Punkfeast where the good ship HMD Empress sheltered the attendees from the worst of the weather. (even pirates were welcomed aboard in the name of charity ;) )

Sunday saw a much better day with blue skies and sunshine, more people attended along with many more exhibitors, overall a splendid day was had by all.

At this point I would like to welcome 2nd Lt. Esme Moore to the ranks of the RDC, she has been assigned as navigator on the HMD Empress, her first assignment is to Navigate the Empress to the next meet at Lincoln.

Until the next meet