Greetings one and all, After returning early from the Asylum (sounds a bit strange that) it was off to Hanbury to attend another Shakspear rally. The weather forcast was indicating sunshine and showers so it was with crossed fingers that the Family foss set off on the journey.

It was great to meet up with some many old fiends as well as making a few new ones. Even the pirate Bellows was in attendance (but after a conversation the evening before on the interweb, a truce was agreed upon as he had some information he wanted to impart to me, so no fisty cuffs this time...Just you wait till I get your Dirigible in my sights I won't be as merciful next time. ( ; ) )

Some good treasure hunting was had with the good lady wife purchasing an old military leather box (that will fit a bottle of Gin!)
At around 4.30pm we decided that it would be quite pleasant to go to the beer tent for refreshements, the collection of Steam engines entered the arena, and with blowing of whistles and horns gave us all a thrill. A fantastic spectacle. As the engines left the field the heavens opened and the rain fell. So it was time to have the Punknic (Now fast becoming a UK Steampunk tradition - and a very nice one to :) )More food than could possibly be eaten appeared out of a multitude of wicker baskets and the tables bowed under the stress. A feast was had, watched by envious "Norms"

Not long after the visit broke up with some of us departing to our homes and others staying to watch the evenings entertainment in the form of Dr. Busker and his merry band of musicians. Incidentally The Governess and Himself were good enough to help Dr.Busker with his vintage bicycles and were seen riding around the area not long after they arrived in the morning. It was therefore good that they were both attired correctly for the excursion.

A good day was had by all and we are now looking forward to our next trip out

Until the next time

Grum out.