Greetings one and all
Firstly I would like to thank all who attended the Embsay railway/campout. With wonderful weather and excellent company a truely fabulous time was had. Not only content with travelling in our wonderful period carriage, pulled by the wonderful Norman, we had the most amazing Punknic at our very own railway station. The huge quantities of baked delights on display caused two of the picnic tables to colapse under their combined weight.

MAny of our valient band went on to enjoy a strawberry and wine excursion up the line where a few were lucky enough to be able to get onto Norman and have their iconographs taken.

A large barbecue was set up back at camp for the wanderers as they returned and a jolly night was had around the camp fire.

On Sunday more sillyness ensued with damsels being placed on stretchers so that a simulation of casulties could be done for the RDC medical staff.

(Bringing tea to the weak and injured)

We have also spent a bit of time discussing the first RDC recruiting film, A film that is to show what the crews have to contend with, examples of which are....who has the last macaroon and what is the correct procedure when an emergency scramble is ordered. We will hopefully be able to start this vital task soon.

On another note I have been in discussion with our new crew from New Zealand about having a joint Mess dinner in January, using the new technology of the interweb and interweb cameras. I do hope we can do this as this would be a lot of fun.

Well until next time