Greetings one and all,
Welcome again to another RDC blog post. It has been a while since the last entry with trips to Whitby and now visits the wonderful Erddig Hall and Chirk Castle in Sunny North Wales being carried out.

The Lightening Visit to the Goth festival at Whitby where there had been reports of a large gathering of pirates of both surface and air variety. The role of the RDC was to give support to the 3rd Foot and Mouth regiment, who were on duty trying to keep order. I would like to say the mission was a success, but unfortunatley we had to withdraw earlier than anticipated, however our colleagues in the 3rd were able to 'go under cover' dressing in similar outfits to keep a close eye out for any skuldugery. ( Really we had a great time at Whitvy seeing many old friends and having a good 'ol chinwag :)  )

Our trip to Erddig and Chirk castle were blessed with wonderful weather (I did regret about wearing a black wool uniform) and it has made me think of purchasing a tropical uniform. With fantastic company and wonderful food at our Punknic, I would say that the weekend was a great success with many 'muggles' asking what we were doing and complementing us on our dress. The most amusing thing for me was when a horseless carriage drove passed and a young wipper snapper shouted to us 'Nice outfit mate' well all I could say was 'Yes it is isn't it'. Thats the type of heckling I would like to hear everyday.

On a more serious note, the Brass collar badges are now in stock, so if you need some please drop a line through the quartermaster store and Sgt Trebis will be pleased to help you.

Well its time to sign off, until next time, watch the skies

Foss out