Greetings one and all,
For anyone who doesn't know, the Asylum is the no.1 event for Steampunkery in the UK. Based in the Steampunk quarter of the fair city of Lincoln. HMD Empress tied up to ther moorings at the Lincoln hotel early on Friday Morning (After first dropping the Coglings off with Grandma) Civilian attire was donned and we wandered into town. Several antique shops were raided for goodies (A wonderful Victorian hat box and a couple of coglings waistcoats purchased) After a hard morning shopping we retired to the Victoria pub for some refeshments. It was here I met with on of the pirates on the most wanted list, however due to the neutral nature of the Asylum we were unable to perform an arrest - curses! It was great watching more and more people arrive, many people I didn't know and many I did.

A book signing by Robert Rankin, was enjoyed and then it was time to put on our finery and head off to the Lawns for the Majors Soiree, very hot but great fun, followed then by a boozy couple of hours back in the Victoria.

Saturday started well with a leisurely wander to the castle where the Bazaar was being held in the old prison, and what a great venue this turned out to be. In the coutyard Hendrix Gin were setting up their stall, with supplies of free Gin (Always a bonus) however just as I was baout to take a sip, my mobile communicator beeped with new that Cogling Emma had taken ill and was currently being seen by the Doctor. So we had to Scramble the HMD Empress and head off at flank speed. (luckily all is well now) Many lovely messages were recieved by friends and foes alike which enabled the whole crew to keep our spirits up.

The Asylum is one of the best Steampunk gatherings I have ever been to and I am looking forward to the next one. Lady Foss has already got her ball gown ready for next year :)

(Below) Grum Foss and Lady Foss at the Bazaar

(Below) A couple fo Pirate types...they were very lucky they were Asylum.