The Royal Dirigible Corps

Picture Gallery

Members of the crew of the HMD Empress

Marcus Von Cudworth of the HMD Wallenstein discusses tactics.

HMD Wallenstein Mess dinner Feb 5th 1882

Hat Tower tradition in force.

Col and Lady Foss, taking a break from duties  at Portmeirion in North Wales.

Col Foss discussing the pirate menace, with a member of the 3rd Foot and Mouth, on a recent visit to Whitby.

Col Foss, in the RDC Headquarters

On the lookout for Air Pirates.

On Board the HMD Wallenstein

Col Grum Foss enjoying a tipple at the HMD Walenstein Mess Dinner

Specialist Heads Cleaner, Technician David Oxley, discusses the finer points of Dirigible docking with one of the many ladies at the HMD Wallenstein Mess dinner.

Col and Lady Foss arriving as guests at the 3rd Foot and Mouth Regimental Mess dinner.

Lt. Cudworth of HMD Wallenstein, does some last minute adjustments to the sensitive  time traval apparatus.

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